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I'm just some hobby artist who enjoys drawing this and that (sorry I can't come up with a good introduction right now....(。-_-。)
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Since I had no motivation at all, it took me quite a while until I drew SouMako but it seems that I’m coming slowly back xD

Since it’s also SouMako week, I can only say I have a great timing! >D

I dunno why but I ship them so hard OTL

Finally I drew Kuriyama for surrealskydancer. I’m really sorry that it’s only a sketch but I’m still not fully back >___<

I’m sorry if she isn’t cute enough but I tried to make her girly/cute as possible (those who follow me for a while already know my weakness are girls)

_:(´□`」 ∠):_

Hope you’ll like it!


Hi people!! I need your help, there’s a person on pixiv who’s fakin to be me, two days ago she/he deleted her account when I sent a message,but today she/he opened it again and still submitting my stuff as hers, also deleting my signature and url (As put my pixiv’s icon as her/him…wth ).

Today this person answered the message…AND WAS USELESS SHE/HE (idk) SAID ”NO”, reported that person but didnt work, so…PLEASE HELP ME. sadly i dont want to submit my art anymore because this is really affecting me, please report this person! And also share/reblog this post because it’s really unfair, I’m really happy share my art but…now I’m afraid to do it, I apologize…but please help me! I’d love and thank you soooo much! If you ever find this person/user again or other user upload my art on pixiv or deviantart ,please report !!!!!!!.

PLEASE I really am too scared to upload my art, if I put my signature or url… they delete it??!!, if I put watermark write…. they delete it???!! , I am very sad and scared,! WHY??!!! STOP !!! really I love people who like what I do, but I is not right and good to do these things to me! 

please! reblog/share this post!

if you have a fan page on facebook from tokyo ghoul or anyway and have shared my art, please share this post! you help me too such actions!


Actually I’m still kinda having an artblock but after the latest Tokyo Ghoul news I can’t help but be totally sad….*gross sobbing*

So just doodled something really quick (yeah I know it’s really messy xD)

This guy was like love at first sight, if we’re talking only about appearances (still haven’t read the novel, so don’t know much about him).

Sorry for the OOCness, he’s kinda difficult OTL

Practising drawing Kuroo cause his hair is giving me a hard time OTL

Happy Birthday to one of my little angels~ ( ˘ ³˘)❤

ahh okay, thanks! May I also ask what you colored that amazing drawing of murisakibara with? *_*

For traditional drawings I’m using watercolors in combination with colored pencils & chalk ;D

Something I drew for art exchanges :3

NOTICE: Thank you guys for giving me suggestions regarding my problem last time!! (^///////^)

Thank you very much for telling me!! I really appreciate that! <33

Unfortunately they don’t have their 'Ask' box open, so I can’t ask them to take it down….There is also this method but I don’t really want to share my private infortmation : /

Does anyone know another way how I could approach this matter?? >___<

(it seems they also took other fanarts)

heyy there! I just found your blog & art and oh my god I find your drawings great and the coloring as amazing ~ may I ask what you color them with?

Ahhh!! Thank you so much!!!! (>/////////////<) I’m glad you like them! <3 <3

I use what a lot of people are also using, Paint Tool SAI and for finishing touches Adobe Photoshop ;D

KNB artists who have their own tumblr (2) →


This is the second post about knb artists who have their own tumblr. Find more posts about this under the tag #sourcing or under #knb artists with their own tumblr

  • Please reblog art from these amazing artist’s tumblr, rather than reposting from pixiv.


Please spread these. airsthiner especially mentioned on her twitter 1000x times already that she doesn’t want her works to be reuploaded!

I don’t know about the other artist since I don’t follow them on twitter but please help here.

The Japanese and Korean artists from Pixiv/Twitter on tumblr! Please follow & support them! →
I finally created a FB page! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

So I finally got convinced by chikin-chrisp to create a FB page cause it seems to bring some advantages like better communication with you guys (like you can give comments and I can comment back lol) and it also might be more convenient for some people (❁´▽`❁)

I’m still undecided wether I should communicate in german or english. For now I’ll probably switch forth and back or if I’m not lazy, I’ll try to write in both languages (*´꒳`*)

If you’re interested I would be really happy to also meet you guys there!! o(≧∇≦o)

Here is the link to my FB page!!

Also my friend chikin-chrisp also has a FB page! Be sure to also check her out! ;D

Link to her page!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

leonast whispered:
I love how you drew murasakibara with a different hairstyle , i love it so much i dont think you understand I L O V E I T S O D A M N M U C H i think im on the verge of tears right now , seeing your drawing was the best thing that happened to me today ,thank you

Omg! Thank you so much!!! I don’t know wether to stop you or let you cry your happy tears xD *hands over tissue*

I’m EXTREMELY grateful that you love it so much!! Reading your reaction and thoughts, that you love him, makes me really happy!!!!!


Thank you so much again!!! (>//////////<)